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Art exhibition

Jelly Fish Gallery St Ives

I am very proud and look forward to my art exhibition in St Ives.

Art exhibition: News

Helga Picknell-Velkeniers

Art exhibition

I was born and raised in Belgium, just outside Brussels. At the age of 10, I got a place in an art school alongside my normal education. Very quickly I appreciated how extremely therapeutic art could be, and found in it the perfect form of expression. 

At the age of 19 I was chosen among five others to take part in a three-month exhibition in the National Museum of Modern Art in Brussels. The work that led to my being chosen was a year’s project relating to Hieronymus Bosch, which gave ancient art a modern twist, while retaining the emotions of Bosch’s works.

I graduated as an art teacher in Brussels in 1995 and moved to England in the same year. Since moving here I have taken part in many exhibitions in both England and Belgium. I have recently had the opportunity to teach live alongside many well-known artists on, which has proven to be great fun and very rewarding. 

Over the years I have taught a variety of students including primary and secondary education, adult education and students with special needs. In 2009 I set up aArtvark, an artistic day service for adults with special needs, and learning and mental health difficulties. 

Feel free to follow me on 

  • Instagram @ h.picknell_velkeniers_art

  • Facebook @ Helga Picknell Velkeniers Art


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