Coronavirus Updates

Due to the current pandemic situation, we've been finding creative ways to get creative whilst following the current government guidelines! Have a look below to see what we've been up to...



No classroom? No problem!

Helga has been taking part in weekly webinars, live streamed on Zoom at 2:30pm each Tuesday. These sessions allow for people to follow along with Helga, and to ask questions throughout! Different artists have been involved and the art pieces produced have been wonderful.

Don't worry if you can't make the live stream, as all the sessions are uploaded to YouTube for you to follow at your own pace when you have time!


Virtual Classrooms!

Together, whenever!

To keep everyone connected we're using virtual classrooms on Zoom! Everyone can take part in interactive lessons, which include both art and wider subjects, and have a good catch up with friends! This keeps everyone together and allows for them to be social whilst following government guidelines on social distancing.

Other activities occuring on Zoom include choir practice, sewing projects, group chats, starting a YouTube Channel, and even seminars about life in general!

Computer Screens

Cooking and Baking!

Food always helps a situation!

We've also been putting together recipes for people to follow to make tasty treats! This includes a pizza recipe, and a sugar cookie recipe so we could host our own "aArtvark Easter Bake Off"! We've posted some of our favourite pictures below as part of our gallery.